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Animal Crossing New Leaf is a real existence reenactment computer game discharged in 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS. The player takes on the job of mayor of a new town, and with the assistance of the townsfolk and Isabelle, an energetic secretary, it will be their business to make the town a superior spot to live.

Contrasted with past installments, New Leaf’s feel are increasingly practical, with progressively human-proportioned characters and increasingly sensible flora. New Leaf presents the newest highlights since Animal Forest e+.

On November second, 2016, a refreshed form of the game, Welcome amiibo, was discharged. This update can be applied to the original New Leaf through the Nintendo eShop. All newly distributed duplicates of New Leaf contain the Welcome amiibo update pre-introduced, which is meant by a pennant under the logo on the title page of the case.

The game was initially revealed at E3 2010, however next to no was appeared. A trailer was indicated including refreshed highlights, and not many new highlights. Not long after, there was news that the player could be the civic chairman of the town, with the objective being to make the town a superior spot to live. A non-playable demo was additionally accessible on the show floor at Nintendo’s stall for instance of 3D impacts.

At E3 2011 during Nintendo’s question and answer session, the Animal Crossing logo among others showed up on-screen as a rundown of forthcoming 3DS games. Also, a new trailer was discharged. The trailer flaunted a new element in the game: swimming and making a plunge the sea. A player was demonstrated changing his shirt as well as his shoes and jeans. A player was additionally demonstrated coming out of what had all the earmarks of being his tent-house. All through the town, seats and a colony were appeared, with a resident and later a player sitting on the seat. Isabelle was likewise presented as the ‘anxious secretary’ that helps the player all through the game.

Player customization

Player characters are taller than past portions, taking into consideration customization of jeans, shorts, and skirts bought from the Able Sisters shop. Shoes and socks can likewise be bought from the Kicks store in various hues and assortments.


Villagers are now progressively different. Not exclusively are there new characters, bringing the aggregate up to 335, yet in addition new hamster and deer species. Two new personalities have been introduced: smug and sisterly. Locals that have moved out can likewise visit the Main Street. Residents can move in by dominating a match or consenting to move in when they are camping or from an RV.

Every character of townspeople currently has their own pitch of Animalese, before the variations were constrained to male, female, and crotchety male. The pitch of ordinary and apathetic residents sound fundamentally the same as the nonexclusive male and female voices in past games. Lively residents utilize the voice that was once held for the female townspeople’s voice in WW. Moreover, muscle head residents sound like apathetic locals, yet are somewhat shrill. Pompous residents utilize the voice that was once saved for Joan. Surly townspeople sound like they’ve generally been. Self-satisfied residents sound like Lazy locals, however somewhat low-pitched. Genuine townspeople sound like Snooty locals, yet somewhat more shrill.


There are 72 bugs and fish in the game, up from 60 in City Folk. The player can sneak up on bugs with the net, a returning component from the Nintendo GameCube games. It is currently conceivable to store bugs and fish in closets and dressers.

New Leaf adds a new class of collectables to the series: deep-ocean gets. These are acquired by wearing a wetsuit and swimming in the sea. Little shadows will move over the ocean bottom, and the player can jump down and snatch animals from these shadows.