Animal Crossing New Leaf Or ACNL Halloween Guide

Animal Crossing New Leaf Halloween is an astonishing day loaded with fun and skip for the entirety of the players. As the standard, Halloween in Animal Crossing New Leaf likewise occurs on the 31st of October. The most energizing thing about Halloween is that you can trade your candies and treats that you get from the townspeople with the uncommon furniture accessible with Jack.

Presently the initial step that I will cover in this ACNL Halloween guide is the manner by which you can really get the treats. The sweets and things can be gotten from the townspeople and from Jack on Halloween. So as to win the treats on the off chance that you have to play the townspeople’s scaled-down games. The indoor locals will give you candy on the off chance that you alarm them. Jack will give you things in return for treats.

ACNL Halloween Guide:

At the point when Halloween begins, you will discover Jack meandering around the town. There is a rundown of Halloween themed things that you can get from Jack. in return for treats. I accept that you should realize that Jack inclines toward candies and will give you better things for them, yet he will likewise give you things in return for normal treats. The pleasant part is that you can even get a pumpkin veil in return for declining to give any candy to Jack.

During this time from 6.00 pm to 1 pm, you will see a lot of townspeople with pumpkin covers around the town pursuing players. On the off chance that the player is gotten they request treats. There are two prospects. On the off chance that the candy is eaten by the resident player is allowed to go. Or, in all likelihood what will happen is that an arbitrary thing from the stock will be changed into a garbage thing.

The intriguing part is that on the off chance that you figure out how to unnerve the townspeople inside their homes, you will be remunerated with candies as opposed to getting any treats. This can be utilized as a mechanism of trade to get the selective frightening set furniture from Jack. Albeit, as a rule, the players will get dreadful set furniture from Jack, there is likewise a likelihood that the player can get a cover from the Able Sisters. For the ACNL Halloween guide, the Halloween veils are demonstrated as follows.

Candy And Other Items:

You can get treats and things from townspeople and from Jack on Halloween. Open air townspeople will give you candy on the off chance that you dominate their smaller than usual matches, and indoor locals will give you candy in the event that you alarm them. Jack will give you things in return for sweets and can give you a thing on the off chance that you don’t give him candy when he inquires. See the following areas for additional subtleties.

During Halloween, Jack will be meandering around your town. You can give him candy to get Halloween-themed things (see the rundown underneath). Jack emphatically favors candies and will give you better things for them, yet he will likewise give you things in return for ordinary treats. Additionally, you can converse with Jack while not conveying treats or wearing headgear (or decline to give him candy) to get a pumpkin head cover.

Items Get On Halloween:

  • Pumpkin Head (talk to Jack when not wearing headgear and don’t give him candy when he asks)
  • Green-Pumpkin Head (lose a mini-game with an outdoor villager while not wearing halloween-themed headgear)
  • Purple-Pumpkin Head (lose a mini-game with an outdoor villager while not wearing halloween-themed headgear)
  • Red-Pumpkin Head (lose a mini-game with an outdoor villager while not wearing halloween-themed headgear)
  • Yellow-Pumpkin Head (lose a mini-game with an outdoor villager while not wearing halloween-themed headgear)
  • Old Flooring (lose a mini-game with an outdoor villager while wearing a halloween-themed outfit)
  • Old Wallpaper (lose a mini-game with an outdoor villager while wearing a halloween-themed outfit)
  • Patched Dress (lose a mini-game with an outdoor villager while wearing a dress that can be reordered from the catalog)
  • Patched Shirt (lose a mini-game with an outdoor villager while wearing a shirt that can be reordered from the catalog)
  • Patched Shoes (lose a mini-game with an outdoor villager while wearing shoes that can be reordered from the catalog)
  • Jack-in-the-box (have a full inventory and lose a mini-game with an outdoor villager while wearing a halloween-themed hat, and one of your items will be permanently replaced with the Jack-in-the-box)
  • Creepy Bat Stone (give Jack a lollipop)
  • Creepy Cauldron (give Jack a lollipop)
  • Creepy Clock (give Jack a lollipop)
  • Creepy Coffin (give Jack a lollipop)
  • Creepy Crystal (give Jack a lollipop)
  • Creepy Floor (give Jack a lollipop)
  • Creepy Skeleton (give Jack a lollipop)
  • Creepy Statue (give Jack a lollipop)
  • Creepy Stone (give Jack a lollipop)
  • Creepy Wall (give Jack a lollipop)
  • Spooky Bed (give Jack candy)
  • Spooky Bookcase (give Jack candy)
  • Spooky Carpet (give Jack candy)
  • Spooky Chair (give Jack candy)
  • Spooky Clock (give Jack candy)
  • Spooky Dresser (give Jack candy)
  • Spooky Lamp (give Jack candy)
  • Spooky Sofa (give Jack candy)
  • Spooky Table (give Jack candy)
  • Spooky Vanity (give Jack candy)
  • Spooky Wall (give Jack candy)
  • Spooky Wall Lamp (give Jack candy)
  • Spooky Wardrobe (give Jack candy)
  • Lollipop (talk to an indoor villager while wearing the correct mask)
  • Candy (win a mini-game with an outdoor villager)

Villager Fears:


Villager NameMask to Wear
AdmiralBug Mask
Agent SBug Mask
AgnesSkeleton Hood
AlMummy Mask
AlfonsoBug Mask
AliceMummy Mask
AlliGhost Mask
AmeliaSkeleton Hood
AnabelleGhost Mask
AnchovyMummy Mask
AngusMummy Mask
AnicottiMonster Mask
AnkhaMonster Mask
AnnalisaSkeleton Hood
AnnaliseMummy Mask
AntonioMummy Mask
ApolloGhost Mask
AppleBug Mask
AstridSkeleton Hood
AuroraSkeleton Hood
AvaMonster Mask
AveryGhost Mask
AxelMonster Mask
BaabaraWerewolf Hood
BamMummy Mask
BangleGhost Mask
BaroldGhost Mask
BeaWerewolf Hood
BeardoGhost Mask
BeauWerewolf Hood
BeckyGhost Mask
BellaMonster Mask
BenedictSkeleton Hood
BenjaminMummy Mask
BerthaBug Mask
BettinaGhost Mask
BiancaGhost Mask
BiffGhost Mask
Big TopBug Mask
BillWerewolf Hood
BillySkeleton Hood
BiskitMummy Mask
BittyGhost Mask
BlaireWerewolf Hood
BlancheMummy Mask
BluebearMummy Mask
BobMonster Mask
BonbonMonster Mask
BonesMummy Mask
BoomerWerewolf Hood
BooneSkeleton Hood
BootsMonster Mask
BorisGhost Mask
BoydMonster Mask
BreeSkeleton Hood
BroccoloWerewolf Hood
BroffinaGhost Mask
BruceBug Mask
BubblesGhost Mask
BuckWerewolf Hood
BudGhost Mask
BunnieMonster Mask
ButchMonster Mask
BuzzGhost Mask
CallySkeleton Hood
CamofrogMummy Mask
CanberraWerewolf Hood
CandiMonster Mask
CarmenMonster Mask
CarolineSkeleton Hood
CarrieWerewolf Hood
CashmereWerewolf Hood
CeceBug Mask
CeliaMummy Mask
CesarMonster Mask
ChadderBug Mask
ChaiBug Mask
CharliseMonster Mask
ChelseaWerewolf Hood
CheriMummy Mask
CherryGhost Mask
ChesterGhost Mask
ChevreGhost Mask
ChiefWerewolf Hood
ChopsWerewolf Hood
ChowBug Mask
ChrissyMonster Mask
ClaudeGhost Mask
ClaudiaMonster Mask
ClayMummy Mask
CleoMummy Mask
ClydeSkeleton Hood
CoachMonster Mask
CobbMummy Mask
CocoMummy Mask
ColeGhost Mask
ColtonBug Mask
CookieBug Mask
CousteauBug Mask
CranstonMonster Mask
CroqueMummy Mask
CubeWerewolf Hood
CurlosWerewolf Hood
CurlyMummy Mask
CurtBug Mask
CyranoBug Mask
DaisyWerewolf Hood
DeenaGhost Mask
DeirdreGhost Mask
DelMummy Mask
DeliMonster Mask
DerwinMonster Mask
DianaMonster Mask
DivaGhost Mask
DizzyBug Mask
DobieWerewolf Hood
DocGhost Mask
DoraGhost Mask
DottyMonster Mask
DragoBug Mask
DrakeMonster Mask
DriftBug Mask
EdBug Mask
EgbertSkeleton Hood
EliseBug Mask
EllieSkeleton Hood
ElmerSkeleton Hood
EloiseGhost Mask
ElvisBug Mask
EponaWerewolf Hood
ErikWerewolf Hood
ÉtoileWerewolf Hood
EugeneMonster Mask
EuniceWerewolf Hood
FangWerewolf Hood
FaunaWerewolf Hood
FelicityWerewolf Hood
FelyneMonster Mask
FilbertWerewolf Hood
FlipGhost Mask
FloWerewolf Hood
FloraWerewolf Hood
FlurryBug Mask
FrancineSkeleton Hood
FrankGhost Mask
FrecklesWerewolf Hood
FreyaBug Mask
FrigaMummy Mask
FritaWerewolf Hood
FrobertBug Mask
FuchsiaGhost Mask
GabiMonster Mask
GalaMonster Mask
GanonGhost Mask
GastonWerewolf Hood
GayleWerewolf Hood
GenjiBug Mask
GigiWerewolf Hood
GladysBug Mask
GloriaMummy Mask
GoldieWerewolf Hood
GonzoMonster Mask
GooseWerewolf Hood
GrahamWerewolf Hood
GretaSkeleton Hood
GrizzlyBug Mask
GrouchoBug Mask
GruffSkeleton Hood
GwenMummy Mask
HamletMonster Mask
HamphreySkeleton Hood
HansGhost Mask
HarryMonster Mask
HazelMonster Mask
HenryWerewolf Hood
HippeuxSkeleton Hood
HopkinsGhost Mask
HopperMonster Mask
HornsbyMonster Mask
HuckWerewolf Hood
HughBug Mask
IgglyBug Mask
IkeBug Mask
InkwellMummy Mask
JacobMummy Mask
JacquesBug Mask
JambetteGhost Mask
JaySkeleton Hood
JeremiahMonster Mask
JittersSkeleton Hood
JoeyMonster Mask
JuliaMummy Mask
JulianBug Mask
JuneBug Mask
KabukiSkeleton Hood
KattMummy Mask
KeatonWerewolf Hood
KenMonster Mask
KetchupWerewolf Hood
KevinMummy Mask
Kid CatGhost Mask
KiddMonster Mask
KikiBug Mask
KittWerewolf Hood
KittyMonster Mask
KlausGhost Mask
KnoxMummy Mask
KodyMonster Mask
KyleSkeleton Hood
LeonardoWerewolf Hood
LeopoldMonster Mask
LilyGhost Mask
LimbergMummy Mask
LionelMonster Mask
LoboWerewolf Hood
LollyBug Mask
LopezSkeleton Hood
LouieSkeleton Hood
LuchaBug Mask
LuckyMummy Mask
LucyMonster Mask
LymanGhost Mask
MacSkeleton Hood
MaddieBug Mask
MaelleMummy Mask
MaggieMonster Mask
MallaryMummy Mask
MapleBug Mask
MarcelMummy Mask
MarcieWerewolf Hood
MargieSkeleton Hood
MarinaSkeleton Hood
MarshalGhost Mask
MartyGhost Mask
MathildaSkeleton Hood
MedliGhost Mask
MelbaMummy Mask
MerengueGhost Mask
MerryWerewolf Hood
MidgeGhost Mask
MintWerewolf Hood
MiraBug Mask
MirandaMummy Mask
MitziBug Mask
MoeMonster Mask
MollyGhost Mask
MoniqueMonster Mask
MontySkeleton Hood
MooseBug Mask
MottGhost Mask
MuffyWerewolf Hood
MurphySkeleton Hood
NanGhost Mask
NanaMonster Mask
NaomiGhost Mask
NateWerewolf Hood
NibblesBug Mask
NormaBug Mask
O’HareBug Mask
OctavianWerewolf Hood
OlafMonster Mask
OliveBug Mask
OliviaMonster Mask
OpalGhost Mask
OzzieBug Mask
PancettiMummy Mask
PangoGhost Mask
PaoloBug Mask
PapiSkeleton Hood
PashminaMummy Mask
PateWerewolf Hood
PattyWerewolf Hood
PaulaMonster Mask
PeachesMonster Mask
PeanutBug Mask
PecanWerewolf Hood
PeckSkeleton Hood
PeeweeMonster Mask
PeggyMonster Mask
PekoeBug Mask
PenelopeMonster Mask
PhilMummy Mask
PhoebeSkeleton Hood
PierceBug Mask
PietroWerewolf Hood
PinkySkeleton Hood
PiperMummy Mask
PippyMonster Mask
PluckyGhost Mask
PompomWerewolf Hood
PonchoMonster Mask
PoppySkeleton Hood
PortiaMonster Mask
PrinceMonster Mask
PuckWerewolf Hood
PuddlesSkeleton Hood
PudgeGhost Mask
PunchyMonster Mask
PurrlMonster Mask
QueenieMummy Mask
QuillsonBug Mask
RaddleMonster Mask
RasherGhost Mask
RenéeMummy Mask
RexWerewolf Hood
RhondaGhost Mask
RibbotBug Mask
RickySkeleton Hood
RillaSkeleton Hood
RizzoMummy Mask
RoaldBug Mask
RobinWerewolf Hood
RoccoMonster Mask
RocketBug Mask
RodBug Mask
RodeoGhost Mask
RodneyWerewolf Hood
RolfSkeleton Hood
RooneyBug Mask
RoryGhost Mask
RoscoeGhost Mask
RosieWerewolf Hood
RowanWerewolf Hood
RubyMonster Mask
RudyGhost Mask
SallySkeleton Hood
SamsonBug Mask
SandyBug Mask
SavannahMonster Mask
ScootWerewolf Hood
ShariGhost Mask
SheldonMummy Mask
ShepMummy Mask
SimonMonster Mask
SkyeMummy Mask
SlyMonster Mask
SnakeBug Mask
SnootyWerewolf Hood
SoleilGhost Mask
SparroSkeleton Hood
SpikeSkeleton Hood
SporkBug Mask
SprinkleSkeleton Hood
SprocketGhost Mask
StaticSkeleton Hood
StellaWerewolf Hood
SterlingBug Mask
StinkyGhost Mask
StitchesGhost Mask
StuGhost Mask
SydneyMummy Mask
SylvanaSkeleton Hood
SylviaMummy Mask
T-BoneMummy Mask
TabbyWerewolf Hood
TadBug Mask
TammiMummy Mask
TammySkeleton Hood
TangyWerewolf Hood
TankSkeleton Hood
TashaWerewolf Hood
TeddyMummy Mask
TexGhost Mask
TiaSkeleton Hood
TiffanySkeleton Hood
TimbraWerewolf Hood
TipperGhost Mask
TobyBug Mask
TomSkeleton Hood
TrufflesMonster Mask
TuckerBug Mask
TutuSkeleton Hood
TwiggyMummy Mask
TybaltWerewolf Hood
UrsalaMonster Mask
VelmaBug Mask
VestaWerewolf Hood
VicMummy Mask
VicheSkeleton Hood
VictoriaWerewolf Hood
VioletWerewolf Hood
VivianBug Mask
VladimirSkeleton Hood
W. LinkSkeleton Hood
WadeWerewolf Hood
WalkerMummy Mask
WaltBug Mask
Wart JrMummy Mask
WeberMonster Mask
WendyWerewolf Hood
WhitneyBug Mask
WillowWerewolf Hood
WinnieWerewolf Hood
WolfgangWerewolf Hood
YukaBug Mask
ZellSkeleton Hood
ZuckerBug Mask